Together for innovation

“Mechatronics are those systems that presents a synergic mechanical, electronic and intelligent control systems”

Fukada & Harashima 1996


Perhaps the most famous of the mechatronic engineers is, the invention of the genius Stan Lee: “Iron man”, or Anthony Edward Stark (Tony), who lives in a fully automated laboratory, capable of solving and developing high innovation engineering ideas.

But the reality how far is it from the world of superheroes?

Mechatronic engineers are very close to the cinematographic reality and, in some ways, very often overcome it in a spirit of sacrifice and inventiveness.

This discipline has the task of binding together areas such as:

  • Mechanic
  • computer technology
  • Electronic

To give hardware and software the opportunity to create opportunities for mankind in areas such as:

  • Robotics
  • Industrial automation
  • Biomeccatronics
  • Avionica

For this reason, it is not wrong to say that engineers are real digital artists, where digitization is the language that unites the communication codes between the mathematics of defenseless and cold structures, in search of an engine that moves them and the desire for a software to support new systems for innovation.

Whethever it is a packaging machine or a mechanical arm to be sent to space, since 1969 this discipline moves relentlessly in a growing parable, which in Italy finds fertile ground in the European context, perhaps thanks also to the innate inventiveness that it characterizes, and probably also the ability to cooperate, which remains one of the main assets of this world, in addition to personal knowledge.


The team, a lifestyle choice

When you think about the fact that a company that deals with mechatronics must have people capable of simultaneously speaking about electronics, mechanics and information technology, it is automatic to think that the main word in these environments is “cooperation”.

In fact, the strength of MPM is precisely the ability to work in a liquid way (horizontal and vertical) without ever losing sight of two fundamental factors:

  • The final goal.
  • The own identity

This requires management skills, a technical and human level, of the highest level by management; an equilibrium, even emotional, that combines experience and innate qualities.

Teamwork is something that gives important moments both professionally and humanely; it is a skill that is refined over the years and, with the increase of experiences, a skill that makes the difference between the good and the excellence.

Pink future (but also blue)

Mechatronics, in Italy, seems to be a world full of opportunities, thanks to the creativity and skills acquired over the years by the first engineers active in this area. More and more automation will be required to improve the yield of industries and activities and this will bring requests in terms of human material on the whole national territory.

Mechatronics is a game with meccano, fischer technik and lego technic together; perhaps in a more organized, thoughtful and adult way, but never too far from that initial passion that pushes a boy or girl to take their first steps towards code, the movement of bodies or the propagation of electrons around the universe.