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Why to choose an MPM solution?

MPM is like an oyster: within holds the precious pearl that is its eclectic team, with high profile, and complementary skills, able to integrate customer suppliers, as well as to accompany the customer starting from a blank sheet up to the final implementation.

Request Analysis

Thanks to its ability on problem solving the team is able to develop one or more project proposals, starting just from the client’s goal.

Pre-feasibility study

Starting from the client’s goal, thanks to its problem solving orientation, the team is able to develop one or more project proposals.


2D and 3D development of the project with complete details, suitable format ready for the production start-up of the machine. Assistance during the line-production for any adjustment .

Benefit estimation

Our team is able, in many cases, to evaluate, in advance, the effectiveness of the project in terms of production capacity, savings in production, marketing.

Cash flows

The team is qualified in project reporting: we are therefore in a position to support the client on projects that are subjects to financing, public or private, in the various stages of the development.


Our team leaders are qualified to support our customers during the building operations, so from accompany it, especially in the case of external productions, up to the implementation of the final design, with maximum quality guaranteed.


Also through consolidated partners, MPM can assist customers in the process of obtaining patents, certifications, the search for makers. We are able to carry out pre-inspection projects and we are equipped and organized for remote work and collaboration, ensuring business continuity in any situation .


All the skills acquired through studies by individual team members and external ones who frequently collaborate with the Firm, are increased and refreshed with technical and professional training courses (2020 only: Team building, Criticality management, Planning, Project and Design Management, Design Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Reporting project’s reporting, internal and external relations). Sharing activities are periodically conducted on technical skills, so as to maintain a uniform basic level among all .


The pragmatism of qualified technicians is greatly enriched by creative skills. The quality of MPM in terms of problem solving is one of the distinctive and recognized characteristics of customers. At MPM we don’t stop at the obvious, we try to offer practical solutions able to look forward in time. The result of our creativity is an extra value for our customer. . . .


9 registered patents (more on the way), are a remarkable heritage in terms of know-how and the ability to evaluate solutions beyond the standards, keeping the maximum pragmatism, make the MPM’s Team a real innovation laboratory. This is what it is, also for some international clients.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

MPM is able to guarantee an excellent service to its customers, making use of the collaboration of expert, organized staff and highly qualified suppliers.

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