Cuki pays the utmost attention to the development of each new product: knowledge of technologies and materials, combined with attentive listening to customer needs, results in a unique product. Within each development phase, Cuki always keeps in the foreground the evaluation of the entire life cycle of the product and the respect for the environmental sustainability of the selected materials and the finished product, in order to create products not only with high performance but also eco-sustainable on 360°. Cuki Cofresco boasts a great strength: it is currently the only company that can combine the presence of absolute leadership in the world of Consumer with in-depth knowledge of the world of Professional. This uniqueness leads to solutions that take utmost consideration not only of the technical and production aspects, but also the acceptance of our proposals by the final consumer.

M.P.M. role: Design of product packaging lines, for innovation and modernization of factories, both the roll and the tray department.