The vision

What brings a company out of the mere business context is the attitude to “play”, understood as mindsetting able to combine:

  • lateral thinking
  • know-how
  • creativity

Gaming is the tool that makes us fallible and that brings up portions of us, that give us the opportunity to go to the bottom, so as to create the foundations for our vision and consequently for our product.

The vision is synonymous of passion and dedication and the company that makes it a flag certainly has the well-being of the team at heart.

Corporate wellbeing

When a business is healthy?

Certainly when those who are part of it talk about it with the dynamics of the brand ambassador.

Workplaces are like social squares where realities of different nature meet (and sometimes collide) and where managers are consultants able to satisfy technical and emotional needs, that from time to time propose themselves in the normality of the sharing.

MPM’s Team

The MPM family never stops, and because of the idea of ​​vision and well-being that training is always ongoing within the Bologna head office.

Courses aimed at improving skills, course of study, but also workshops that can make the group, a team.

And when the rule is investing in “humanity”, the best results are obtained in moments like these, in which, despite the difficulties, the staff carried on their work with stubbornness.

This too has become a reason for learning:

  • Protocols applied for the studio’s internal security and reception in compliance with the norm of external collaborators, customers and suppliers.
  • Constant sanitization
  • Safety distance
  • Convivial moments reduced to a minimum. (The MPM team meets for lunch in the kitchen of the headquarter)

New, unexpected paths, which however becomes training and innovation material compared to that famous lateral thinking.

We’ll make it

Not because it is a social mantra or because we simply hope, but because we firmly believe in the strength of the new generations, young people capable of a different wealth, with more distant horizons and possibilities that shorten distances